Blooming Bridal Shower Collection


Just Launched: our Blooming Bridal Shower Collection! It's been a cold winter 2022- let's start dreaming about the beautiful showers to look forward to this year! 


Olivia Bridal Shower Invite

June Bridal Shower Invite

Ivory Bridal Shower Invite 



The 10 new designs feel lightweight + freshly bloomed. We mixed in a nice amount of hand drawn floral illustrations (created in-house), along with hand drawn lettering.


The uplifting color palette remains true in our favored desert tones, and plays up the vintage dusty pinks, golds, and creams.


No matter the style of shower you're planning, we're sure you'll fall in love with our new Blooming Bridal Shower collection!

Blooming Bridal Shower Collection